Netflix Party

is now available on Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Mozilla Firefox

Create a famjam of your Netflix favorites via Netflix Party.

Netflix Party is a browser extension for remotely watching television with your gang. Additionally, it allows you to enjoy your favorite movie or show with your long-distance squad. Moreover, Netflix Party syncs video playback and lets you chat in a group while watching your favorite show together. Also, you can stream movies and TV series in high definition with anyone you want. Especially, it achieves premium streaming resolutions and a live chat option to give your reaction to on-screen action in real-time. Furthermore, stream your Netflix favorites with the best company of your family and friends and get an enhanced viewing experience.

How to use Netflix Party?

Install extension
Pin the extension to your toolbar
Log in to your account
Search, start, and synchronize
Organize a Netflix Party
Organize a Netflix Party

Features of Netflix Party

Unlimited people
Hassle-free streaming
Group chat
Acquire full control
Smooth synchronization
Customize your profile.
HD video quality for an amazing experience
Worldwide streaming availability

Frequently Asked Questions

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